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Experience the Power of our CBD for Health & Harmony

Hemp Inspired by Natural Remedies

Use the power of plants in your wellness routine. In Haiti, we have a tradition of using plants for health and relief, and we’ve brought that tradition to the modern day with a range of full spectrum CBD products. When you buy CBD online from us, you’re getting serenity, relaxation, and relief in a bottle. From CBD oils to CBD creams, our online CBD store has premium products designed to boost your overall well-being. Explore our selection to make CBD part of your lifestyle today.

Small Farm, Big Dreams

Sound CBD is a local CBD farm family owned and operated

Family-owned and operated

At Sound CBD, we believe wellness should be an everyday priority, which is why our online CBD store is a sound choice for you and your family. As a family-owned and operated business, CBD is part of our lifestyle. What started in our vegetable garden has now expanded into 12 acres of farmland, and we bring our passion and pride to everything that we do. When you choose Sound CBD, you’re supporting neighborhood farmers, our local community, and the place that we call home.

Our Process

Our extraction is based on a cryoethanol process. Our CBD products are manufactured in an FDA and USDA registered facility. By using a cold ethanol extraction method, we do not decarboxylate the oil, thus conserving the cannabinoids in a more natural way to maintain the full spectrum characteristics of our oil. Through these processes, we ensure that you get a premium product at an affordable price.

Pure, Effective CBD Products

Potency and purity are the name of the game. Through research and personal experience, we’ve found that when people aren’t seeing results with CBD, it’s typically because they’re starting at a lower concentration. That’s why we’ve crafted our CBD oils with up to 3000mg of pure, full spectrum CBD, and started our CBD creams at 500mg of CBD per container. No matter which product and concentration you choose, you can be assured that you’re getting the best quality for your money every time—just use the QR codes on our labels to review our lab certifications.

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