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Certificate of Authenticity

Sound CBD produces high-quality, small-batch products made with all-natural ingredients. We start with family farms and the highest quality non-GMO industrial seeds. Sun, rain, and expert cultivation do the rest, and every cannabis harvest contains a wealth of beneficial compounds.

We strive to make our production green and sustainable, and we manage our products from seed to sale.

A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) verifies the authenticity of an item or product. It may include additional documentation, like a lab analysis, or lab report. The analysis, or report, contains a list of ingredients the lab found in a specific batch of products. These documents serve as a guarantee of contents, so the consumer knows the material they have purchased matches the information the seller provides. This gives consumers a level of security that may be unobtainable through other means.

At Sound CBD, we use a cryogenic extraction process that protects fragile organic compounds. We avoid using preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, and artificial scents. We feel these ingredients are not necessary and may interfere with or weaken the natural benefits of hemp. Details like this help make Sound CBD products powerful and effective, and naturally free of pesticides, heavy metals, and dangerous chemicals.

The following COAs have been issued to Sound CBD products by Green Scientific Labs LLC, a nationally-certified laboratory with corporate headquarters in Florida. Use the batch number – located on the bottoms of tincture and gummy products, and on the sides of cream products – to find a specific certificate.

Product Batch NumberProduct NameName/NotesDownload
08192022-2Raspberry CBD Gummies 1,500mgRaspberryDownload
08182022-3Mango CBD Gummies 1,500mgMangoDownload
08192022-1Pomegranate Gummies 1,500mgPomegranateDownload
08182022-4Fruit Mix CBD Gummies 1,500mgFruit MixDownload
JD003Lavender Eucalyptus CBD Cream 500mgLavender EucalyptusDownload
JD004Calming Menthol CBD Cream 500mgMentholDownload
LD003Peppermint CBD Oil 3000mgPeppermintDownload
DE001Peppermint CBD Oil 2000mgPeppermintDownload
ID003Peppermint CBD Oil 1000mgPeppermintDownload

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