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How Often Should I Use CBD?

    This question may be posed by people who are new to CBD and those who are experienced with its benefits. Some people want to make sure they’re taking enough, and others want to make sure they are not taking too much.

    These are valid concerns. CBD is a powerful botanical product; it’s natural to wonder how often you should use CBD oil, and how often you can use CBD creams or lotions. What happens if you use it too often, or use too much? Let’s answer that important question first.

    Counting drops of cannabidiol.

    Can You Use Too Much CBD?

    You can take too much of any vitamin, supplement, or consumable product.

    CBD is a consumer product that contains active botanical ingredients and may have an effect on your metabolism. Like all medicine, it’s important to read labels and follow directions.

    People sometimes take more CBD than they need, but CBD overdoses are rare, due in part to the large amount you’d have to consume.

    What Happens When You Use Too Much CBD?

    Symptoms of taking too much CBD are usually minor and manageable. They are an important factor to consider when determining how often you should use CBD oil or a similar product.

    Symptoms of consuming too much CBD may include nausea, dizziness, and diarrhea. If you experience these symptoms, cut back on the amount of CBD you are using.

    According to a 2017 study, typical adults may tolerate up to 1500mg/day of CBD, but everyone is different. It’s always wise to consult your primary healthcare provider instead of trying to discover your tolerance by yourself.

    Symptoms of an overdose may include unconsciousness, seizures, and trouble breathing. Seek immediate medical attention for individuals with these symptoms.

    How Frequently Can You Safely Use CBD?

    How frequently you can use CBD depends on many factors that are difficult to predict. Sometimes it depends on the product. For example, due to the rate of absorption, how often you can use CBD cream may be different from how often you should use CBD oil. Always check with a healthcare professional to be sure.


    How Do You Know How Much CBD to Take?

    There is no RDA (recommended dietary allowance) for CBD.

    When introducing CBD to your lifestyle, start slowly. 10mg a day may be enough to identify an allergic response, but it probably won’t provide any benefits. Increase the amount slowly until you can determine its full effect.

    Determining the amount and learning how often you should use CBD oil depends on the benefits you are seeking. Some use it daily for wellness support, and others reserve it for occasionally focused healing.

    Different Products, Different Doses

    Different products and different doses can provide different benefits. A small amount of CBD may work one way, and a larger amount may work completely differently.

    The manufacturer, the amount you take, and the concentration of active ingredients may all affect how often you should use CBD oil.

    CBD oil in a brown vial.

    Keep Track of the Milligrams

    Always keep track of how many milligrams (mg) of CBD you are getting in any 24-hour period. This can be a little tricky if you use consumable products and topical products at the same time.

    CBD in creams and topical applications is not normally absorbed by your blood. It interacts with receptors in the skin. This counts as CBD exposure and should be included in your daily total. So if you use CBD oil in your coffee or throughout the day, that may affect how often you can use CBD creams in the evening.


    Once you’ve determined how often you should use CBD oil for best results, you may develop tolerance. You’ll notice its benefits seem to lessen over time.

    There are several tactics you can try to increase your benefit level. First, try switching to a different type of CBD.

    There are three types of CBD used in consumer products, isolate CBD, full spectrum CBD, and broad spectrum CBD. Find a similar product that contains a different type of CBD.

    Predicting how often you could use CBD oil before developing tolerance is difficult. Tolerance may also be an issue if you’re wondering how often you can use CBD creams.

    Resetting CBD Tolerance

    If switching products doesn’t bring back the magic, you can always try cleansing.

    Exercise can speed detox.

    Cleansing or detoxing may give your endocannabinoid system a chance to rest. After a period of time, it may lose tolerance to CBD. It may take a week or a month, depending on the individual.

    Determining how often you should use CBD oil again after detox will take some experimentation. Start slowly. You may find it’s like the first time you tried CBD. You may notice different effects that you did not notice before you were familiar with this powerful botanical.

    When followed correctly, most detox methods are safe and can be repeated when necessary.

    Be Safe, Be Sound

    How often you choose to use CBD oil and other products is ultimately up to you. When used properly, CBD products may offer an easy and effective way for anyone to unlock the healing power of nature. Use them with respect, and treat them the same as any other powerful medicine that has the potential to harm or heal.

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