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How to Find Your Recommended CBD Dosage

    CBD is a wonder supplement, and you can maximize the benefits you get from it by taking the correct dosage. However, finding the recommended CBD dosage is a little different for everyone!

    If you have bought a CBD product for the first time, or you’ve been using CBD products for a while but still can’t figure out CBD dosing yet, this guide is for you. Let’s dive in.

    What Is Your Recommended CBD Dosage?

    The standard recommended dosage falls between 20-40 mg per dose. But that’s just on paper; your personal CBD dosage depends on several factors. These include your body weight, the symptoms you’re trying to address, and the potency of the CBD product you’re using.

    But what’s even more fascinating is that two people with the same weight and problems, using the same product, may require very different dosages. While one person may require 20 mg to help them sleep, another may require 50 mg!

    What this essentially means is you have to take all these factors into consideration and understand your dosage with some trial and error. But before you try to do that, let’s understand how CBD dosing relates to five important factors: weight, diseases, tolerance, body chemistry, and product strength.

    1. Weight

    Bodyweight is the first factor to look at when determining dosage. The less bodyweight you have, the less amount of product you will require to see the effects. Simple!

    However, another important point that you should factor into this calculation is your dosage strength. What is considered “low dosage” for a person with more body weight can be considered “medium” or “high dosage” for someone with less body weight. This is especially important to consider if you are using this product on young ones or pets.

    Here is a chart for recommended CBD dosage for our CBD products according to weight:

    Weight (LBS)Low DosageMedium DosageHigh Dosage
    100 – 13010 – 17mg21 – 25mg30 – 37mg
    130 – 16020 – 27mg27 – 33mg35 – 43mg
    160 – 19029 – 34mg34 – 40mg44 – 50mg
    190 – 22035 – 39mg42 – 50mg52 – 58mg
    220 – 25040 – 44mg51 – 59mg60 – 72mg
    250 – 28045 – 50mg60 – 69mg70 – 85mg

    If you want a more universal technique that works for any CBD product, try this formula:

    [Your weight (in pounds) x desired strength (0.1, 0.3, or 0.6 mg) = your CBD dose in mg]

    Here, 0.1, 0.3, and 0.6 mg equate to low, medium, and high strength products, respectively.

    2. Specific Conditions

    When treating specific conditions, the amount and strength of CBD you take makes all the difference. Mild symptoms like cramps, sleeplessness, body ache, and soreness, or nausea may be lessened with low to moderate dosages. More severe conditions like inflammatory pain, acute pain, or psychiatric conditions may be helped by medium to high dosages. You may also need to increase or decrease the strength of the product you are using.

    3. Tolerance

    If you have been using CBD products for a while, your body may have grown used to a certain level of cannabinoids. But the catch with CBD is, unlike other drugs, your body doesn’t develop a direct tolerance to it. Some evidence suggests that patients may in fact develop a reverse tolerance, which means they have to decrease their dosage with time.

    If you feel the previous dose isn’t providing the same relief anymore, you can cut your dose in half. Another approach is taking a tolerance break for a week, if that’s possible with your conditions.

    4. Individual Body Chemistry

    Everyone’s body is different, as is the way they process CBD. As such, the effects CBD has on two people can be worlds apart, even if all other conditions are the same. A common scenario is one person experiencing side effects like dry mouth and nausea while another person feeling only relief, even though both took the same dosage to treat the same condition.

    Your body chemistry is something you have to figure out for yourself. Take small amounts and check-in with how you feel every week (or every other week). Keep increasing the dose as needed to figure out the recommended CBD dosage that works for you.

    5. Product Potency

    CBD products come in various forms: oils, capsules, gummies, creams, tinctures, and bath bombs, to name a few. Each of these products works differently and contains varying levels and strengths of CBD. For example, capsules are going to be more potent than gummies. Oils and tinctures are usually the most potent of them all.

    But even among the same form of product, strength can vary. A full spectrum CBD oil is going to be much stronger than a broad spectrum oil or CBD isolate. An easy way to determine product strength is through some math.

    Figuring out Your Recommended CBD Dosage

    Considering you are using a liquid product like an oil or tincture, you need to know two things: the amount of CBD present per milliliter (product strength) and how many drops you need to take according to your weight-adjusted dosage.

    Here is a formula to calculate the strength of the product you are using:

    [CBD in mg / bottle size in ml = CBD in mg/ml]

    Note that you only need to use this formula if the concentration of CBD per ml of oil is not already provided on the bottle. Once you have figured out the product potency, you need to find out how many drops it takes to reach your dosage.

    You can calculate the potency of CBD oil per drop using this formula:

    [CBD potency per ml / 30 drops = mg/drop]

    Once you know how many milligrams of CBD are present in a drop, use this formula:

    [Target dose of CBD ÷ potency of CBD oil per drop = Number of drops]

    And voilà! There you have the number of drops you need to take for your specific product to reach the ideal CBD dosing for your weight and conditions. If all these calculations seem too daunting, you can also use a dosage calculator and find out your recommended CBD dosage.

    Unlock the Potential Within CBD

    Now that you have mastered all the science and math behind CBD dosing, it’s time to take the plunge and figure out your recommended CBD dosage through some experimentation. Once you hit the nail on the head with your perfect dose, you can truly experience the wonders of CBD.

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