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How To Introduce CBD to Your Daily Life

    If you’re just setting sail on your CBD journey, then it’s important to incorporate it into your life in a way that’s habit-forming so you don’t miss a dose and lose out on its compounding benefits. Consistency is the key to all healthy habits, including getting your daily CBD supplement!

    Before we tell you how you can make CBD a part of your daily routine, it’s important for you to know how much CBD you should be using, and the different ways you can use it. Keep reading to learn more!

    Figure Out the Ideal Dosage

    The ideal daily CBD dose recommended by experts varies a lot because different objectives require different doses. First, you have to figure out what problem you want to focus on. Do you want relief from aches and pains? Better sleep? Reduce inflammation? Or become generally healthier?

    Understanding the different factors that affect the absorption of CBD in your body is the second prerequisite to adding CBD to your routine. Body chemistry, weight, tolerance, existing illnesses, and product potency are just a few of the factors at play that will affect your daily CBD dose. We recommend reading our blog on how to find your recommended CBD dosage which covers this topic in more detail.

    In any case, you should always consult your doctor for the most optimal amount, start out with a lower dose, and work your way up to the recommended amount from there.

    Know Your Options

    There’s no shortage of different types of CBD products that are available out there. From flowers, topicals, and oils to edibles, e-liquids, and sprays — there’s something for everyone. The caveat here is that some work faster than others. Vaping and smoking CBD flowers is the fastest way, followed by edibles and topicals. 

    Within edibles, sublingual products work the fastest as they allow your daily CBD dose to be absorbed directly from under your tongue rather than going through the longer route of the digestive tract.

    Ways to Add CBD to Your Routine

    Coming to the crux of the matter at hand, here are a few ways you should be adding CBD to your routine to get your daily shot of wellness:

    1. In Your Morning Beverage

    Whether you drink coffee or tea or skip both of them altogether in favor of a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice, you can easily add a few drops of CBD oil to get your daily CBD dose. Our CBD oils are full-spectrum, sublingual, and come in different potencies and a refreshing peppermint flavor which is just perfect for mornings! You can simply drop it directly into your beverage, mix, and drink.

    2. In Your Skincare Routine

    Aching muscles and sore feet after a hectic day at work? Or dry skin from a day out in the sun and dust? Then you may benefit from adding a CBD-infused cream to your skincare regimen. This is a great way to get your daily CBD dose topically, but make sure you never apply any CBD cream on open wounds!

    3. In Your Fitness Routine

    If you have an active lifestyle and work out regularly, then you can benefit from adding CBD to your pre and post-workout routine. Studies suggest that CBD can help with better sleep, stress relief, and muscle recovery — all essential for staying fit and healthy! You can have a few capsules before your workout and use a CBD cream for relieving any muscle pain afterward.

    4. CBD On the Go

    an assortment of colorful CBD gummies

    If you have a busy lifestyle that hardly gives you time even to have a proper daily routine, then CBD gummies are your friend. These CBD-infused edibles are not only tasty but also super easy to take your daily CBD. You can carry them anywhere and pop one in discreetly at any time of the day. Besides, they come in a variety of delicious flavors such as raspberry, mango, and pomegranate!

    5. In Your Snacks

    Baking brownies to munch on throughout the day or chocolate chip cookies for late-night snacking? You can add a few drops of CBD oil to these and any other snack! A variety of CBD-infused snacks such as popcorn, protein bars, and chips are also available in the market for easily adding CBD to your routine.

    6. In Your Bath

    Get your daily CBD dose while soaking in a nice hot bath by adding CBD oil to the bathwater or in your diffuser. You can also find CBD-infused bath bombs in delicious scents that will turn your bath into a relaxing spa session!

    Farm-to-Table CBD Products

    As you now know, adding CBD to your daily routine is much simpler than you’d think! You don’t need to buy every CBD product out there to do this either. With a bit of creativity, you can add a simple CBD oil to just about everything. At Sound CBD, we offer CBD oils in different potencies so you can incorporate them into everything with flexibility. Order yours today to join the Sound CBD family and start your wellness journey!

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