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Our Process

Our Process

Sharing the health and wellness benefits of CBD at an affordable price has always been the goal of Sound CBD. Our family-owned farms in Haiti and our fully controlled extraction process help us deliver premium quality full spectrum hemp extract to get you started on your wellness journey.

Where Our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Comes From

Our hemp “farms” started as a backyard garden in our family home in Haiti. Using hemp for relief and wellness has always been a staple in our family. Today, our “garden” comprises 12 acres of farmland. What started as a traditional family practice has now expanded into a full-fledged business.

​We grow our hemp crops four times a year with the best NON-GMO industrial hemp seeds straight from Oregon. Local farmers from our community grow the crops to produce the full spectrum hemp extract we use in your products. Our oil extraction labs are a stone’s throw away from our farms. We control everything from soil to oil in order to deliver premium quality, handcrafted products straight to your doorstep.

How We Extract CBD

Our FDA and USDA registered labs produce full spectrum hemp extract through a cryogenic ethanol extraction method. In this process, chilled ethanol is introduced to the extraction chamber where the plant is soaked in the solute. The ethanol that flows through the plant material is then extracted, which does not decarboxylate the oil.

​This means the cannabinoids are conserved in a more natural way to maintain the full spectrum characteristics of our oil. We also send our products for third party lab testing. Cryogenic ethanol extraction helps us ensure a premium product at an affordable price.

Our Full Spectrum Products and Their Benefits

Right now, we offer full-spectrum CBD oil and CBD cream for ingestion and topical application. Our CBD oil can help with all around wellness from improving sleeplessness to enhancing relaxation. Our CBD creams can provide instant relief from day-to-day aches and pains. The high concentrations of CBD in our products, produced in fresh, small batches, ensure that you get the sense of calmness and relief that you deserve after a tiring day.

All our products contain full spectrum hemp extract which means that it has all the beneficial compounds naturally found in the hemp plant. This includes cannabinoids like CBD and THC (exclusively under 0.3%) that are responsible for therapeutic effects, terpenes that produce the earthy fragrance, and flavonoids that have many beneficial properties. And with our cryogenic ethanol extraction technique, all those properties are preserved through the entire production process.

Embrace the Sound CBD lifestyle and enhance your day with full spectrum CBD products!

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