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When you treat your loved ones to the gift of CBD, you’re giving them the chance to improve their overall sense of well-being. Pure, full-spectrum CBD oils and topicals have been shown to deepen relaxation, calm inflammation, and relieve pain. Let them explore and enjoy our CBD products for sale with a Sound CBD gift card today.

The Sound CBD Difference

We strive to offer our customers the very best CBD products for sale on the market, and our unique, hands-on process ensures that every purchase made supports our local community, farm, and families in Haiti. All of our full-spectrum products are handcrafted in FDA and USDA-registered labs using a cryogenic ethanol extraction method.

Still have questions before ordering our CBD products, or purchasing a CBD gift card? Contact us, we’re happy to help!

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How to Use

When your recipient asks what they can buy with their new gift card, here’s a look at the CBD products we have on offer:
• CBD Creams: Available in 500 mg sizes, our CBD creams are perfect for soothing relief where you need it most.
• CBD Oils: Available in 1000mg, 2000mg, and 3000mg potencies, our peppermint CBD oils can be taken under the tongue using the dropper, or added to food or drinks.
• CBD Gummies 1,500mg gummies are available in Mango, Raspberry, Pomegranate, and Fruit Mix flavors.


How much CBD cream should I use?

The optimal dosage can vary from person to person. If you’re trying to address physical discomfort, apply a small amount of our full spectrum CBD cream to the affected area two to three times daily. Then adjust as needed depending on the result.

Why use a CBD cream with menthol?

Menthol, as an essential oil, has a natural cooling effect and is often used to support muscle and joint pain relief. The combination of menthol and CBD can be highly effective for providing soothing localized support where it’s needed most. 

Can I fail a drug test when using this CBD cream?

The odds of testing positive for THC are close to zero with this product alone. This is a hemp-infused cream that contains only trace amounts of THC. And because it’s a topical solution, the THC never enters the bloodstream. It simply interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in skin cells.

CBD Quality

Inspired by the Haitian tradition of plant-based remedies, Sound CBD aspires to share the benefits of our homegrown hemp with consumers around the world. The hemp-derived CBD that we use in products like our CBD body cream is extracted at just the right time during harvest, helping you achieve the best results.

From our family-owned farms to our labs, we oversee every step of the manufacturing process to ensure you receive premium potency and purity at a not-so-premium price.

Handcrafted With Love

Sound CBD products are handcrafted by experienced planters and producers at our farms in Haiti. We’re a family-owned and operated venture that has been growing hemp for many years. Our CBD gummies, oils, and more are manufactured in small batches inside FDA and USDA-registered facilities.

Explore our range of all-natural CBD products to taste the goodness and healing capabilities of nature and incorporate it in your wellness journey. Be Safe. Be Sound. And unlock the potential within.With Sound CBD, you’re getting the finest quality of CBD products.

In fact, our products typically have higher concentrations of CBD than the competition. Why? Our hemp-derived CBD is sourced directly from our family’s farm in Haiti, which means we’re hands-on during every step of the harvesting and manufacturing process.

During that process, our team of professionals uses the methods of cold ethanol extraction to produce top-quality products that offer all-natural support.

Learn more about our story and how years of tradition have led to a successful business catered to crafting accessible CBD products for people all over the world!

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