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About Sound CBD

“Be Safe. Be Sound.”

About Sound CBD and Our Philosophy 

In Haiti, we have a deep-rooted tradition of using plants as a source of relief and wellness. Local medicinal teas and tinctures, oils and balms are the result of ancient wisdom cultivated by understanding the interconnectedness of the people and the planet.​

Amidst our family’s garden of medicinals stands a small crop of hemp. Its uniqueness inspired us to explore the possibilities of this particular plant, and soon hemp tea became a staple. Our sleep felt deeper and our mornings brighter. We experienced a new, more balanced rhythm — and we found ourselves ready to tackle the day with a sound mind and body, which nurtures the soul. Even now, we still grow hemp in our backyard, but these days there are just a few more acres of our garden to tend.

As a family, we founded Sound CBD because we believe that general wellness should be an everyday priority. We know that when you feel good you can do more good. And just one good deed ripples throughout the world in ways we can’t even imagine. This is why we wanted everyone to have the opportunity to experience how CBD can help enhance their personal wellness.

We are undeniably grateful and fortunate to have such rich resources available to us. Our family farm has four harvests each season, which means we are able to keep our costs low and still grow healthy hemp. Plus, the nature of hemp makes it a renewable resource — what it gives to us, it gives back to the earth. So we are confident that we can continue to meet the growing demand for the highest quality CBD products.

To ensure that we meet our goal of producing the highest quality CBD products, we decided to commit to owning the entire process — otherwise known as “seed-to-sale.” We grow our own hemp with the best Non-GMO industrial hemp seeds from Oregon. We also have full control of the extraction process which takes place in our labs just steps from the fields basking in the tropical sunshine of Haiti, the pearl of the Caribbean.

Our mission to create the highest quality CBD products is personal for us, and for our highly trained workforce. We are united in our mission to meet the demand for CBD products without sacrificing quality. Our approach to our mission ensures that we are able to keep our costs low and pass those savings onto you, while still producing a premium product. But our approach also enables us to contribute to our local economy. We love our country and its people, and we are proud to be able to provide much-needed jobs to support our local families.

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